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Delta-8 Distillates and the Foods that you can combine with them

Delta-8 Distillates and the Foods that you can combine with them

Do you find the smell and taste of Cannabis too strong for your liking? Well, the good news is you have a great alternative! The isolated hemp extract of Delta-8 has been a popular alternative for edibles as you can mask up its taste and smell with literally anything. It not only makes you less suspicious but also paves the way for enjoying a better and enjoyable experience.

Our topic of concern is Delta-8 distillates that are the purest forms of Delta-8 THC without any other Cannabinoid or terpenes. 

Introduction to Delta-8 Distillates:

As the name indicates, the Delta-8 distillate is the result of the distillation process. It occurs in liquid form with a thick consistency with huge Delta-8 concentration, whereas the other Cannabinoids get stripped off it because of vigorous distillation.

It won’t be wrong if we state it as the most potent form of Delta-8 with all terpenes, waxes, and Cannabinoids removed.

However, it is a general concept that Cannabinoids, when combined, can give an enhanced effect compared to one Cannabinoid alone. Therefore, some companies mix it with other Cannabinoid distillates like CBD, CBN, or CBC distillates. In some cases, they add back the terpenes as well.

How is Delta-8 Distillate Made?

We are aware that Delta-8 THC is present in the plant body in a significantly less amount. Therefore, companies prefer to convert CBD to Delta-8 THC to make the process easier and more practical. They go on to distill this Delta-8 THC to produce distillates with different Cannabinoids and compounds finally.

This process involves heating Cannabis to evaporate the unneeded constituents. In distillation, each component has a specific temperature at which it evaporates. Therefore, you can separate different compounds as fractions. They check for foreign particles to test the purity of the compound until they finally get Delta-8 THC separated from other compounds.

The final fraction is heavy metals that can’t be distilled for a long time as more extended processing will make way for heavy metals to enter the final product.

There are a few more methods and procedures that companies can follow to make Delta-8 THC. These methods include:

  • Thin-film distillation
  • Spinning band distillation
  • Short path distillation

All these procedures run on an identical basic principle, though.

How to Determine the Quality of Delta-8 Distillate:

Like every other compound, the efficiency of Delta-8 in the body also depends on its quality. When we talk about Delta-8 distillates, all of them look the same at first sight. However, you can always look for BCCP to evaluate the quality. These four factors that constitute BCCP are as follows:

Brand Reliability:

Always rely on the brands that deserve your reliability. They prove to earn this trust by providing basic reports that prove their distillates to be clean and bleach-free.


The color of the distillate determines its quality to a large extent. We recommend a light amber or rose color when it comes to the high-quality distillate. Be aware of impure Delta 8, which usually consists of dark or blackish hues, which should be avoided.


We say distillation; they hear purity! The more refined and finely distilled distillates will be more apparent. Their unclear and hazy nature raises several questions about the efficiency of the extraction and distillation process. If the distillate under consideration is cloudy or discolored, just look for some other distillate without giving it a second thought as it speaks about contamination.


A third-party lab test report of your considered D8 distillate will tell about the potency of Cannabinoids in the product. Distillates are supposed to have an 85 to 99 percent concentration of Delta-8 THC. The higher potency will make your body elicit desired effects much quickly, but it’s better to start with low strength.

How to Use Delta-8 Distillate?

The most popular way of using Delta-8 THC is its inhalation through vape pens. Most people use these distillates to refill their vape pens. A dab rig is yet another popular apparatus to utilize Delta-8 distillate. It is similar to a bong, but it has a vaporizer comparable to the herb-holding bowl in the bong.

You can take it as an edible, but it’s not a good idea because of its taste. Therefore, people like to mix it with their foods. However, there is confusion that it might not be appropriate to utilize it with certain foods. Therefore, the following section will discuss this aspect in detail.

Delta-8 Combination with Food:

Most Delta-8 manufacturing companies create a Delta-8 THC tincture by further thinning the distillate. It might be flavored or flavorless. You can use flavorless Delta-8 in many foods such that it doesn’t alter their taste, smell, or texture.

Let’s discuss how you can utilize it with your three-time meals; it’s the most exciting portion for foodies!

Delta-8 with Breakfast:

Who doesn’t want to start his day on a lighter note? If you are one of those who feel irritated on waking up in the morning, Delta-8 is for you!

The best option is to add it to the most popular breakfast item, the omelet. For this, you can use Delta-8 THC tincture to plain omelet mixture before frying it. You can also add Delta-8 THC directly to frying oil or cooking butter.

You can add Delta-8 THC to avocado toast, and it absorbs well because of the high-fat content from Avocados.

What do you feel about yogurt? It’s undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. You need to stir it up and enjoy! Greek yogurt is a perfect fit for Delta-8.

Have you heard about hemp-based smoothies? They have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. However, you should avoid adding Delta-8 directly in vegan smoothies. It’s better to mix it in some fats first. It can either be cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, or avocado oil.

If almond butter goes well with your taste buds, it’s a plus for you because Delta-8 absorbs much better with almond oil since it’s high in monounsaturated fat.

Steel-cut oats go very well with Delta-8 distillate. You can add your Delta-8 THC to the oats mixture to make it more healthy and fulfilling.

Delta-8 with Lunch:

Rather than having different sandwiches or burgers for lunch, it’s better to go for healthy diets like pizza, pasta, and various salads.

One option is to add it to pasta. However, beware that you’re not traveling with it since driving under the influence of Delta-8 might cause some problems.

When it comes to salad, almost all sorts of salads perfectly go with Delta-8 THC. However, we suggest Delta 8 THC is incorporated into some fat like oils or a vinaigrette before adding it to the salad.

Moreover, you can add it to:

  • Meatballs for pasta, sandwiches, and other snacks
  • Cream cheese roll-ups
  • Cooked or grilled salmon
  • Pizza and other flatbreads
  • Chicken, Tuna, and egg salad

While Delta 8 THC can directly be added to fatty foods anytime, you should look for the rich ingredient of the food in which you can mix and use it in the case of non-fatty foods.

Delta-8 with Dinner:

Delta-8 tastes fantastic when mixed with several dinner-time ingredients like burgers and sandwiches. However, there are a few other fantastic dinner-time items that’ll mask up Delta-8 THC’s taste very well.

You can pair Delta-8 with condiments, sausage, tacos, chilies, gravy, croquettes, burritos, and creamed veggies.

While making food for many, don’t forget to cook doses for each person to avoid inconvenience separately.

Foods that don’t go well with Delta-8:

There are certain foods that you might prefer to avoid with Delta-8. They include:

  • Dry food like crackers, bread, rusks they might get soggy when Delta-8 is directly applied.
  • Heavy citrus foods or foods with a lot of vinegar since their flavor don’t go well with that of Delta-8.
  • Low-Fat food.
  • If the recipe demands you to follow the exact amount of liquid and perfect texture.

Keeping this in mind will help you prevent making Delta-8 go wasted.


A high-quality Delta-8 distillate will make you experience an enjoyable journey when taken with proper foods. However, one must check a website’s COA (certificate of analysis) before buying Delta-8 to ensure the product is legitimate and pure.

The foods we have listed aren’t all that you can use with them. Get creative! You can pair it up with more foods according to your recipe as well.