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Five Easy Stoner Pranks For April Fool’s Day

Some of us are still recovering from binge drinking during St. Patrick’s day. However, we do have April to look forward to!

And, of course, our obvious favorite upcoming holiday is 4/20. 😉

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4/20 isn’t the only day we look forward to, some of us at the office live for April Fool’s Day.

Doja Hemp’s staff has come up with some clever ideas you can use to prank your friends for April 1st.

So here they are!

5. Regular Gummies

This is a great prank to play on your stoner friends who loves to show off how high their tolerance is.

The first step is to grab one of our Delta-8 THC gummies jars and replace the gummies with regular candy gummies.

Yes, regular gummies with no Delta-8 THC or cannabinoids.

Then, when your friends are around, proceed to eat the entire jar of the “Delta-8 THC gummies” decoy.

They will be flabbergasted.

Enjoy their reaction as they watch you wolf down all of the candy thinking you ate 50,000 mg of THC.

4. Mix Skittles with M&Ms

Grab a bag of skittles and M&Ms and mix them together. While simple, this is a very effective prank.

How cruel would it be to grab a handful of skittles only to receive an unexpected taste of crunchy strawberry peanuts?

This prank is a surefire way to upset your skittle lover friends.

3. Disappearing Pizza Delivery

If you have some extra time on your hands and some creativity you can leave your friends and family dumbfounded.

Proceed to print a picture of a pizza delivery man and grab some tape. When you visit your victim’s house stick the paper cut out of the pizza delivery man figure to the door’s peephole and ring their doorbell.

Your victim will be searching for a pizza person outside of their door that doesn’t exist and then become disappointed that there’s no pizza.

2. Mayonnaise Ice Cream

Now, this one is cruel but oh so funny.

You might turn some of your friends into enemies after but it will be worth it to see the sheer horror on their faces.

This simple prank only requires a jar of mayonnaise and an ice cream cone.

Grab a spoonful of mayonnaise and fill up the cone to the brim.

If you want to really sell the illusion, grab some chocolate syrup and drizzle it over the fake ice cream cone.

Offer the mayonnaise ice cream to your unsuspecting victim and watch them scream in disgust after they take that first lick!

Free Person Holding Vanilla Ice Cream on Cone Stock Photo

1. Broken Computer Mouse

For those of you who have to work at the office during April 1st, this is an awesome prank to play on your coworkers and it’s absolutely brilliant.

When your coworker leaves their computer unattended, quickly grab a piece of tape and place it under the mouse’s sensor.

Make sure to not look suspicious and do not be seen by any witnesses.

Your coworker will become frustrated as they try to move their mouse because the tape will prevent the mouse cursor from working.

But please don’t let them suffer too long and offer to help to “fix” their mouse.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Those are our top 5 prank ideas from our staff to try this upcoming April.

Keep in mind, pranks are supposed to be light-hearted and fun for everyone.

We hope you get a ton of laughs and joy this upcoming holiday and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 4/20.