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sour diesel delta 8

Sour Diesel Delta 8: How it Became A Popular Strain

Even if you are new to cannabis and its derivatives, it can be difficult for many individuals not to have heard about the Sour Diesel delta-8 strain. The most common name for this particular strain is Sour D, which is generally easier to say and remember. 

With the recent popularity of cannabis use, there are strains that are worth exploring. With the several medical and recreational benefits that you may experience while using cannabis, it might help to know which effects you should expect from your sour diesel. Read on!


The origins of Sour Diesel are hotly debated. Still, most agree that it is a complex mix of Hawaiian, super skunk, chemdog’91, and “RFK skunk” (which was named after the famous politician Robert Francis Kennedy). The father plant is said to be Chemdog’91.

Sour Diesel Delta 8 History

Sour Diesel Delta 8 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (90% Sativa, 10% Indica). It has been engineered to contain high levels of Delta-8 THC cannabinoids.

The original Sour Diesel was discovered in the early 90s. It is widely considered one of the most popular cannabis strains ever to exist. It’s regarded as a “Sativa Dominant Hybrid” because it is overwhelmingly uplifting but has some Indica effects.

Sour Diesel Delta 8 place of origin

Although the exact origins of Sour Diesel Delta 8 are still unclear, there is some information about where it was first discovered:

  • California: This variety is one of the most popular and widespread strains. It offers a strong kick and pungent diesel aroma followed by feelings of happy euphoria.
  • Seattle: This variety has more pronounced citrus scents. The flavor is also described as slightly sweeter with a smooth exhale than the Other two varieties.
  • New England area: This variety has high THC content and produces effects that last longer than the other two varieties.

Role of terpenes in sour Diesel delta-8

Sour Diesel Delta 8 THC has one of the richest and most potent terpene profiles.

Terpenes are organic compounds produced by plants. They give plants their distinctive aromas, but they also serve a more important purpose: they protect plants from predators. 

Since terpenes have such a crucial role to play in keeping the plant alive and healthy, it makes sense that these molecules would affect humans as well.

Indeed, some terpenes can be used as ingredients in aromatherapy treatments for anxiety or depression. And since we’re already exposed to terpenes on a daily basis when we eat food or drink tea or coffee, there’s no doubt that these natural substances interact with our physiology in meaningful ways.

While terpenes can be found in all flower parts, including the leaves, stems, and seed pods, most are contained within the trichomes. These small mushroom-like glands located on the surface of marijuana plants produce a sticky resin filled with cannabinoids and terpenes that protect against harsh climates and insects.

While many terpenes have no effect on humans beyond giving specific plants their characteristic smell, some have been discovered to have unique psychoactive properties. 

Some may heighten or alter your cannabis high, while others may have completely different effects. As more research is done on these fascinating compounds, it’s becoming clear that there’s much more to our favorite herb than just THC and CBD.

Terpene Effects

  • myrcene – this terpene is potent, and you notice it immediately. The smell of sour diesel is immediately recognizable. It relaxes muscles, relieves pain, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and is a sleep aid.
  • Limonene – (a terpene found in Sour Diesel) this one is energizing and uplifting. It’s also thought to promote weight loss by improving insulin resistance.
  • Pinene – if you buy a product with pinene in it, you get the added benefit that it can improve mental clarity and focus. That’s probably why many people prefer to use vaping products while working or studying because they say it helps them concentrate better.
  • Linalool -(another terpene found in Sour Diesel) when I smell lavender, I think of linalool because that scent is usually the result of linalool being present in the plant matter used in making lavender oil. This terpene has a sedative effect and can help calm your mood down.
  • Caryophyllene – this terpene works as both a pain reliever and an antidepressant!

The Sour Diesel Delta-8 Experience Is Interesting Because It Reflects a Wide Range of Terpene Experiences

Imagine taking the most popular strains of cannabis and combining them into one new strain, with a delicate balance of each strain’s signature effects. 

That’s the potential reality when you choose a cannabis flower that has been infused with delta-8 THC. 

The diverse range of flavors and effects possible with delta-8 THC can be attributed to terpenes. Apart from giving plants flavor and aroma, they also interact with cannabinoids to produce unique psychoactive effects.

This unique relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes makes the sour diesel delta-8 experience so enjoyable.

Sour Diesel delta-8 Strain provides consumers with a powerful punch of energizing euphoria that can leave people feeling uplifted, happy, and even a little bit giggly. 

It’s known for its ability to spark creativity and improve focus, making it an excellent option for daytime use. 

Sour Diesel Delta-8 users may also experience some increased appetite, while others have reported that they find relief from pain, inflammation, and nausea. Anecdotal reports show that it may help reduce anxiety levels, as well.

Are Sour Diesel Terpenes Safe? 

Delta-8 THC itself comes from cannabis plants. Typically, it is found in traces.

 When cultivating hemp, you will harvest hemp compounds and other cannabinoids. 

Part of the sourced collection includes terpenes that are available in the sour diesel strain. 

Like essential oils, sour D terpenes are a valuable aromatherapy tool. While using terps for their therapeutic benefits, you should note that they are safe and they will not cause you any harm.

Delta-8 THC terpenes may help increase your best strain’s efficacy through the entourage effect.

How To Spot Sour Diesel Delta-8

Credit: Istock photo

When purchasing Sour Diesel Delta 8, there are a few critical visual cues you will want to look for. It is likely a Sour Diesel strain if the bud is visually appealing and green with yellow/orange pistils.

The strain has a loose structure (as in the image above) with a light color. 

You can also clearly identify the plant by its pungent smell. When smoking or vaping this strain, you will notice a diesel-like aroma that is not often found in other strains. As well, it is rich in terpenes like caryophyllene and pinene.

Sour D’s Delta 8 skunky smell is much stronger than regular sour diesel.

Many people describe the flavor as having the same elements as its aroma: citrus and pine accompanied by a sweet diesel finish. Some feel that Sour Diesel Delta 8 tastes exactly what it smells like fresh dill pickles!

Sour diesel strain is popular for several reasons which include its effects and potency. The term diesel derives from the gas-like fruity smell that users often notice when using this specific cannabis product.

When it comes to the effects of using Sour Diesel Delta 8, you will definitely have the best experience. Sour Diesel strain is ideal for both recreational and medical use with a wide array of pleasant experiences. For instance, Sour Diesel may help treat chronic pain and provide relief from depression and stress. 

With regards to recreational use, many people will experience a refreshing burst of energy. In return, the strain effects may lead them to feel creative or inspired; making it ideal for tackling tasks on your To-Do list!

Whether you are looking for a way to relieve stress after a long workday or just want something fun that can help get those creative juices flowing again (or maybe even both?). Look no further than our sour diesel delta 8 products!