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What is Delta-8 THC and is it legal?

It has not been so long since we started hearing about Delta-8 quite a lot and suddenly. Cannabis enthusiasts are so keen to learn about this Cannabinoid that is making the heads move towards it. This article is going to cover all about Delta-8 once for all. 

Delta-8 THC is yet another Cannabinoid that we extract from the Cannabis plant. To be more precise, it’s just another form of THC present abundantly in the plant body. However, Delta-8 differs from THC in its physical and chemical properties. It offers many therapeutic benefits, but determining the legality status of Delta-8 is still a confusing matter. 

Holding Cannabis oil – What is Delta-8 THC and is it legal?

Source of Delta-8:

Delta-8 occurs naturally in the Cannabis plant. However, both hemp and Cannabis (Marijuana) can be the source of this wonder compound. It gets confusing when we compare it with THC, and it’s comprehendible because hundreds of Cannabinoids reside in the Cannabis plant. Moreover, each Cannabinoid further varies in the form of different strains. 

Despite being a naturally occurring compound, we can produce Delta-8 in laboratories too. We will look at this aspect later in the article.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

It’s not only the people but even the manufacturers that are not sure about the legal status of Delta-8. Hence, we can say that Delta-8 THC lies in the legal grey area. 

The marketing of Delta-8 stems from the Farm Bill Law 2018 that exempted hemp from the list of controlled substances. Therefore, consumers and dealers treat hemp-derived Delta-8 THC just like any other legal substance. 

Although there is no mention of Delta-8 in the Farm Bill Law, some states have started banning it because of the rising concerns of chemists on D8-derived products. Still, it’s legal in most of the states.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has indirectly put Delta-8 THC in the list of schedule 1 controlled substances. However, it’s just a proposed rule, and its implementation will make Delta-8 potentially illegal. A review of this proposed rule in fall 2021 will confirm if the implementation is going to take place or not. 13

The Interim Final Rule by DEA stands against all the synthetically-driven Tetrahydrocannabinols, and its confirmation will make the legality of many substances much clearer.

Will Delta-8 Make me High?

Most people know Delta-9 THC as a very psychoactive substance, and it’s true. However, we can’t confuse it with Delta-8 THC. 

It’s rightful to say that Delta-8 THC has the potential to get you high, but it won’t be as potent as Delta-9 THC (which is illegal). Although THC that we commonly hear about is unlawful, you can legally consume it in some cases. Delta-8 THC changes the game for people as even the people who can lawfully consume THC prefer to go for Delta-8 now that it has milder psychoactive effects. It’s so because besides being strong, THC can make the body go through some adverse and unwanted effects.

Delta-8 is a good option for people who want to experience the effects of THC legally. However, they’ll be much milder, as we have discussed earlier.

Benefits of Delta-8:

The positive outcomes of Delta-8 on its users are pretty evident. It is a loyal fellow that keeps on checking up on its consumers. Let’s look at the aspects that the Delta-8 THC helps with:

Manages Pain:

Delta-8 THC somehow works to manage the pain in all its form. Thanks to this anti-analgesic property, people now don’t need to go to risky traditional painkillers to get relief from pain. 

Delta-8 consumers have reported that this substance manages their pain, especially neuropathic and inflammation-caused. However, it can reduce other types of pain as well.

Improves Brain Functions:

Delta-8 THC can increase the production of one of the prime neurotransmitters, i.e., Acetylcholine. By regulating the production of this neurotransmitter, Delta-8 can positively affect neuroplasticity, memory, cognition, and arousal. Its neuroprotective properties lead the consumers to a healthier brain.

Manages Anxiety:

The binding of Delta-8 to CB1 receptors gives a hint towards its anxiety-relieving properties. A few researchers have studied its link with CB2 receptors as well. In this way, we can say that Delta-8 has some role in managing pain and anxiety. It induces much-needed relaxation in the body.

Controls Appetite:

Reduced appetite can be a substantial underlying reason for many disorders and a symptom of some significant ailments. Even little intake of Delta-8 can increase appetite and lead to better food intake. Antiemetic Properties:

The effects of Delta-8 on nausea are jaw-dropping. It has shown 100% results on children undergoing chemotherapy; they felt no or slight nausea afterward.

Mode of Action of Delta-8 THC:

The Endocannabinoid System of the body deals with all the Cannabinoids very well. The same is the case with the action of Delta-8. It binds to the CB1 receptors in most cases and CB2 in some cases. Attachment to the receptors stimulates different functions, and all of them work to benefit the body in unique ways. 

How do we Get Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a natural compound, and we can extract it directly from hemp or Cannabis. However, the process is very energy-draining since Delta-8 THC is present in the Cannabis plant in a minimal amount. Extracting it directly from the plant will waste a lot of plant material, cost, and energy that’s not worth it at the end of the day, especially when you can go for an alternate method.

This alternate method involves the synthesis of Delta-8 from some other Cannabinoid. Laboratories do it by changing the position of bond on Delta-9 THC that is one of the abundant Cannabinoids. This procedure is expensive, but it makes obtaining Delta-8 very convenient.

Delta-8 THC vape pen

How can I consume Delta-8?

Various manufacturers offer Delta-8 products online and in physical stores. You can intake Delta-8 THC by consuming those products. A wide variety of Delta-8 products make it easy for people to choose what suits them from an extensive list. 

For instance, you can have Delta-8 gummies if you want to take them orally. You can inhale it, use it topically, and take it sublingually like CBD. You can find the following Delta-8 products in the market:

  • Delta-8 vape pens
  • Delta-8 pre-rolls
  • Delta-8 gummies
  • Delta-8 soft gels
  • Delta-8 oil
  • Delta-8 capsules
  • Delta-8 gummies

Delta-8 Dosage:

You can’t determine the perfect dosage of a compound without knowing the exact chemistry of your body. For example, people who are habitual of Delta-9 THC consumption will find Delta-8 THC very mild. On the other hand, it will be powerful for people who are new to Cannabinoids.

We don’t have a lot of research results available on Delta-8 so far. So the best idea is to go “low and slow.” The standard “low” for starting with this compound is 10 mg Delta-8 per day. You can increase or reduce the dose according to your body’s reaction to the compound according to the desired effects.

Is Delta-8 Safe?

Delta-8 is very safe and effective only if you buy it from a licensed place. Otherwise, it might contain additives and compounds that can be very harmful to health or even life. It’s about 2019 when a company polluted their vape oil with toxic Vitamin E acetate. It ended up hospitalizing and even killing many people.

You should never go for an unlicensed store or manufacturer to prevent yourself from the same risk. 

Delta-8 vs. Other Cannabinoids:

Delta-8 differs from other Cannabinoids such that if we compare it with Delta-9 THC, it’s milder. If we consider its comparison with Delta-10, it’s stronger and more potent. 

Unlike CBD, it’s not psychoactive. Many structural factors bring out these differences.

The Takeaway:

No matter what you’ve read or felt about a particular substance, the safest way is to consult your physician before giving a shot to any Cannabinoid. Moreover, ensure further safety by avoiding large doses when using them initially, regardless of their effects on the body.

You can’t reap all the benefits of Delta-8 if the manufacturer you are purchasing Delta-8 from is misleading. Always go for Delta-8 product reviews and the overall brand reputation before trusting a brand for its products. 

Delta-8 THC is a great compound, only if you treat them right. And once you learn to treat it right, it’ll do wonders in your life.